Who Is Jami Amaro?

Jami Amaro, originally from Philadelphia, USA, is a dance sweat fitness instructor at Newtown Athletic Club and a reality TV personality. She rose to prominence through her appearance on TLC’s “M*LF Manor” Season 2. Born on May 30, 1972, she is currently 51 years old as of 2024. Explore below for additional details about Jami Amaro, including her biography, family background, dating life, interesting facts, and more.

Jami’s M*LF Manor’s Journey

The highly anticipated return of “M*LF Manor” for its second season on April 28, 2024, has fans buzzing with excitement. TLC has unveiled sneak peeks of every mother featured this season, complete with captivating biographies and enticing photographs. In addition, the network has dropped a tantalizing teaser trailer, promising viewers a thrilling ride filled with unexpected twists and turns.

Adding to the anticipation, TLC revealed that the drama will unfold against the picturesque backdrop of a freshwater lake. Filmed in southern Ontario, Canada, near the serene Lake Simcoe, the setting promises to add an extra layer of allure to the show. Nestled in Oro-Medonte Township, the lavish “Manor” boasts eight bedrooms and seven baths, offering a luxurious escape just an hour’s drive from Toronto.

Among the captivating cast members is the vivacious Jami Amaro, who brings her infectious energy to the screen. Described as a beacon of positivity, Jami is known for her boundless enthusiasm, love for dancing, and ability to brighten any room. With two marriages behind her and her children now grown, Jami is embarking on a journey to find love once again, hoping that the third time will indeed be the charm.

“I’m thrilled to be part of this unforgettable experience filled with exhilarating challenges, jaw-dropping surprises, and, most importantly, the chance to discover true love,” shares Jami, teasing what lies ahead for viewers.

Joining Jami on this rollercoaster ride are fellow cast members Kelly Ngoc Mac, Christina Best, Crystal Jennings, Barby Garcia Gutierrez Almeida, and Lannette West. As the countdown to the season premiere begins, fans can expect nothing short of a whirlwind of emotions and an unforgettable quest for love.

What Is Jami’s Relationship Status?

Jami Amaro’s biography reveals a tumultuous marital history, having been married and divorced twice before. Her first marriage was to Ruben Amaro Jr., a notable figure in the baseball world. The couple tied the knot in November 2014, following a courtship that began as early as 2012.

For Ruben, marrying Jami marked his second venture into matrimony. Born on February 12, 1965, Ruben boasts a distinctive background as a third-generation Latino baseball enthusiast. His heritage is a blend of Cuban-Mexican and Jewish-American, setting him apart in major-league history.

Ruben’s career path has been as remarkable as his lineage. Initially, he carved out a niche as a switch-hitting outfielder, struggling to establish himself in the major leagues from 1991 to 1998. Despite facing challenges, he enjoyed two full seasons in the spotlight before transitioning into a front-office role.

For a decade, Ruben served as the deputy general manager of the Philadelphia Phillies before ascending to the position of general manager in November 2008, a role he held until early September 2015. His career took an unexpected turn when he briefly returned to coaching with the Boston Red Sox in October 2015 before resuming an executive position with the New York Mets three years later.

Ruben’s family history is equally intriguing. His parents, Ruben Sr. and Judy, exchanged vows in December 1961 and welcomed another child, David Amaro, into the world in 1962. David briefly pursued a career in baseball but was sidelined by a wrist injury after participating in a few Mexican League games and short-season Class-A ball in 1985.

Before his marriage to Jami, Ruben was previously wed to Virginia Machado, whom he met in Venezuela. They married on December 6, 1996, and had two daughters, Andrea and Sophia, before their union ended in divorce. Despite these details, much remains unknown about Jami’s first marriage.

What Is Jami’s Profession?

Jami Amaro has been actively involved in various professional roles, showcasing her versatility and dedication. Since 2020, she has been serving as a Wilson Reading/Dyslexia Specialist at Kids Read, alongside her position as a dance sweat fitness instructor at Newtown Athletic Club in Newtown, Pennsylvania. Additionally, she holds the role of Wilson Reading Specialist/Dyslexia Practitioner at Lower Moreland School District.

Notably, Jami’s professional journey includes a stint as a 305 Fitness Instructor at 305 Fitness, as indicated on her LinkedIn profile. Prior to this, she worked as a teacher of Speech Improvement at the New York City School District from 1994 to 1999.

In addition to her employment, Jami boasts a range of licenses, including certifications as a 305 Fitness Instructor, Certified Wilson Reading Specialist, Dyslexia Practitioner, Reiki Level 1 Certified, and Teacher of Speech and Hearing Handicapped.

Regarding her academic background, Jami pursued studies in Special Education and Teaching at Adelphi University, augmenting her knowledge with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland. This diverse educational foundation reflects her commitment to professional growth and expertise in various fields.