Who Is Sonta Roach From Life Below Zero?

Life Below Zero, featured on National Geographic, chronicles the experiences of individuals residing in Alaska, offering viewers a glimpse into the lives of individuals who opt for the challenging lifestyle of living in the secluded and demanding Alaskan wilderness.

Every season, we bid farewell to familiar faces while welcoming new ones. This season introduces the Roach family as the latest addition to the cast!

But who is the Roach family?

Explore details on Sonta Roach in this article, including her age, net worth, occupation, husband Chevie, and additional insights.

Who Is Sonta Roach?

Hailing from Shageluk, a petite village in the Lower Yukon River area, Sonta Roach with the maiden name Sonta Hamilton is a member of the Deg Hit’an Athabascan tribe, and her native language is Deg Xinag.

Sonta takes pride in her heritage and cultural roots, aspiring to impart these values to her children and students.

Additionally, Sonta wears numerous hats, serving as a schoolteacher, hunter, mother, and reality star.

Residing in Shageluk, Alaska, with her husband Chevie Roach and their three children Sydney, Ryder, and Emry, Sonta is a recent addition to the cast of the National Geographic documentary series Life Below Zero: Next Generation.

Sonta On Life Below Zero

Joining the cast of Life Below Zero: Next Generation, Sonta Roach represents a fresh addition to this spin-off from the well-known Life Below Zero series.

The program showcases individuals who have deliberately chosen to forsake the comforts and challenges of contemporary society, opting to lead an off-the-grid lifestyle in Alaska.

Sonta and her family are part of this group, willingly sharing their unique way of life with a global audience. For Sonta, her involvement in the show serves as a personal journey to gain insights into how her ancestors perceived the world.

Moreover, she aspires to use the televised portrayal of her family’s life as a means to encourage others to delve deeper into Alaska Native culture and language.

Roach’s Lifestyle

Sonta Roach and her family sustain themselves by engaging in hunting activities that adapt to the changing seasons.

Their survival in the subzero conditions of Alaska relies on their expertise and knowledge. Throughout the year, they hunt a diverserange of animals, including fish, black bears, ducks, geese, moose, beaver, fox, lynx, wolves, wolverine, mink, otter, and martin.

The family utilizes every part of the animals they harvest, from the meat and fur to the bones. Additionally, they cultivate their own vegetables in a greenhouse and gather berries and herbs from the wild.

Sonta & Husband Chevie Roach

Sonta and her husband Chevie tied the knot in July 2019, and the couple marked their 12th marital milestone in July 2021.

Throughout their marriage spanning over 12 years, Chevie and Sonta have welcomed three children. Their eldest, daughter Sydney, is now 9 years old. Their second child, a son named Ryder Valles, was born in September 2013 and is currently 7 years old. The family’s youngest member, Emery, is just 5 years old.

In addition, Sonta and Chevie manage The Flyaway, a store they constructed on their own. This establishment provides groceries, gas, hardware, and various supplies to support the needs of the local community. In addition to their business responsibilities, Chevie serves as the mayor of Shageluk, actively contributing to village administration and development efforts.