The online feud between Cristina Mackey & Tia Kemp Explained

Cristina Macky, Rick Ross’s latest romantic interest, is actively responding to comments from his ex-girlfriend and baby mama, Tia Kemp, who recently took to social media. Tia claimed that Cristina lacked the skill to make tacos and suggested that Rick Ross did not enjoy the tacos she prepared for him, among other things. Cristina, in response, decided to address these comments.

She responded by saying,

“Why wouldn’t you move with a man? If you lived with your man, you wouldn’t be on my page on a fake account at 40-something years old. You know what I’m saying? You would just be minding your business. You would just be minding your business ’cause it’s the same person making the fake accounts.”

Moreover, in a recent Instagram rant, Tia Kemp not only issued a threat to confront Cristina physically but also warned of revealing a medical condition Rick Ross has unless he complied with her financial demands.

Significantly, this wasn’t the initial instance when Cristina Mackey made derogatory remarks about Rick Ross’s former partners. On a previous occasion, during her participation in The Cali Kickback podcast, she expressed her indifference when the host, Lewis Belt, inquired about fans of Ross mentioning comedian and actress Pretty Vee, whom the rapper had dated before her.

Who Is Cristina Macky?

Cristina Mackey was born in Aurora, Colorado, and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Her parents are no longer together, and her mother remarried, with her stepfather having a background as a gang member.

While Cristina typically keeps her family life private, she did share a birthday wish for her father in June 2014, celebrating his 44th birthday with a heartfelt message.

Achieving fame as a rapper and singer, Cristina initially worked in the fast-food industry as a host and booth attendant before transitioning to hosting roles at various establishments such as TGI Fridays, Revolution, Cici’s Pizza, and Wendy’s. In 2020, she took on a managerial role at a teeth-bleaching store in Orange County, California.

Cristina later ventured into professional relationship advising, marking the most enduring phase of her career. Regarding her education, she graduated from high school before the age of 16 and enrolled in college shortly thereafter.

However, her college education was discontinued after she secured a role in a Chris Brown video. Prior to that, she had falsified her age to secure employment at various establishments.

Cristina & Rick’s Relationship

Cristina Mackey’s sequence of posts began with a photo capturing her and Rick Ross in a warm embrace against the backdrop of a black aircraft.

Subsequently, there was a close-up image highlighting the intimacy of their hug, along with a video depicting them holding hands.

Over the years, Rick Ross has garnered fame for his successful career as a rapper. However, his personal life has consistently remained in the public eye, marked by legal issues and relationships.

In 2002, Ross welcomed his first child, Toie Roberts, with Lastonia Leviston, according to Briefly. At 21 years old, Toie owns a boutique offering a range of items, including extensions, dresses, and jumpsuits. His second child, William Leonard Roberts III, was born in 2005 to Tiallondra Kemp. William is currently pursuing a career in football, actively participating in his high school team.