Who Is ‘The Trust’ Star Bryce Lee Girlfriend Kayla Bent?

Don’t overlook Netflix’s The Trust: A Game of Greed, as it offers captivating dynamics between participants. With substantial amounts of money and suspenseful loyalty tests, the show promises an edge-of-your-seat experience as contestants strive to emerge victorious.

In the first season, every participant embarked on their unique journey, with Bryce Lee gaining popularity for triumphing over an unexpected challenge. Considering his impactful role in the series, it’s understandable that some viewers are curious about his actual sexual orientation, speculating whether he identifies as transgender. Let’s delve into the facts and uncover the truth.

Bryce Lee’s Girlfriend Kayla Bent

Bryce Lee, a remarkable participant on Netflix’s ‘The Trust: A Game of Greed,’ not only stands out for his strategic acumen within the game but also for the enduring love story he shares with his girlfriend, Kayla Bent.

They delight in spending time together, having been a couple since high school and even taking a trip to France in August 2023.

Kayla Bent hails from Venus, California, and currently lives in Bonney Lake, Washington.

What Is Bryce’s Gender?

In the world of social media and entertainment gossip, rumors often gain momentum, and the recent speculation regarding Bryce Lee follows this pattern.

The circulating whispers implying his homosexuality have stirred controversy on various platforms, but a more detailed examination unveils a nuanced reality. Bryce Lee does not identify as gay; instead, he identifies as non-binary.

Bryce said,

When you are a very energetic person and very flamboyant person and I talk with my hands a lot, sometimes people judge that. And however people perceive me is the way that they want to judge the book by the cover. You know I’m very confident in who I am and there’s only one Bryce Lee.

Bryce Lee’s experience prompts a need for heightened awareness, urging viewers to understand the intricacies of gender identity and sexuality without yielding to stereotypical assumptions. Ultimately, within Bryce Lee’s life story, authenticity is a cause for celebration and a confrontation against societal norms.

Details On Bryce’s Parents

Bryce Lee was born in Bonney Lake, United States, to parents Kimber Lee Miller and Jake Lee. Kimber, aged 52 and born in January 1972, is a seasoned real estate agent with a particular interest in design and sales. Known for promoting products on the Food Network alongside her sister Sandra Lee, a chef and designer, Kimber has collaborated with Sandra on home shopping channels, fulfilling roles such as set designer and on-air personality.

Kimber’s passion for real estate and decorating blossomed while constructing her first home with her husband in 1999, leading her to obtain her real estate license the following year. She is a dedicated advocate for caregivers of breast cancer patients, a cause close to her heart after Sandra’s diagnosis in 2015. Both sisters shared their journey in the HBO documentary “RX: Early Detection,” aiming to inspire screenings and save lives.