Who is Amber Monson, Jeremy Renner’s girlfriend with a criminal record?

Over a year after his life-threatening snow machine accident, Jeremy Renner is now dating someone new, and she has an interesting past. Fans are eager to learn more about Amber Monson, especially following reports that the Marvel star offended her family while they were visiting his Lake Tahoe residence.

Monson is a vibrant personality with a history of legal issues, as reported by local news, including an incident in 2021 where she stole a government car and led authorities on a high-speed chase near schools.

Who Is Amber Monson?

Tracy Overholt is the mother of Amber Monson, and her father is a retired geologist. Tracy, born in September 1965, is currently 58 years old. Amber occasionally shares throwback pictures of her father on her Instagram account.

Amber has two siblings: an older brother named Jason Nelms, who turned 40 in June 2023, and a younger brother named Dillon Overholt. Jason works as a radio technician at Robinson Nevada Mining Company. Dillon, who previously served as a foreman at Asplundh Tree Experts Region 447, is currently employed at NV Energy. He attended North Valleys High School and Northwest Lineman College and is in a relationship with Cheyenne Wosick.

In terms of her professional life, Amber identifies herself as a “professional hair & makeup artist in Reno, Nevada” on her Instagram bio. On her business page on Facebook (@amberblackcreates), she describes herself as a cosmetologist in Reno-Tahoe-Vegas, using top-quality products and tools for hairstyling. Before pursuing cosmetology, Amber and her father were involved in the gold mining business, as mentioned on her bio.

However, Amber has faced legal issues, particularly related to a car theft incident in Carson City, Nevada, on April 9, 2021. She engaged in a high-speed chase, causing significant damage to law enforcement vehicles and parked cars. She later pleaded guilty to four felonies, including fleeing police, battery with a deadly weapon, assault with a deadly weapon, and possession of a stolen car, resulting in a jail sentence of 24 to 60 months.

Amber faced additional legal trouble when she was taken into custody in Washoe County, Nevada, on December 13, 2023, for allegedly violating parole conditions. Despite being initially apprehended, she was later released. According to her brother Jason, Amber’s struggles in life, including issues with drugs, have impacted her. Additionally, she and her former spouse were subjects of civil complaints in 2017 and 2020, involving amounts ranging from $2,500 or less to $5,000.

What Happened Between Amber & Jeremy?

According to her brother Jason Nelms, Amber Monson, a hairdresser, and Renner allegedly began a romantic relationship after meeting at a nearby bar in August.

Jason Nelms, Amber’s brother, reportedly claimed that he sent explicit images to her, which she then shared with her mother and aunt.

Jason clarified that the initial phase of the relationship was primarily focused on physical intimacy but gradually evolved into a more romantic connection when the actor from “28 Weeks Later” began engaging in video calls with Amber, who is 34, and her family in the subsequent months. However, things turned sour in November 2023 when Jeremy invited Amber, her mother Tracy Overholt, and friends to his Lake Tahoe residence to meet his daughter and parents.

While the family was approaching the house, Jeremy purportedly used offensive language in a phone call and declined to come out and greet them at the entrance.

“It’s kind of out in the boonies where he lives. They’re trying to drive out there and they’re lost, they don’t know where it’s at. It’s dark, the roads are icy and bad,” Jason recalled to the outlet. “They’re calling him up just trying to figure out where he’s at. And at one point he’s like, ‘What are you guys, f–king idiots? Do you not have a brain between the three of you?’”

When Amber and her family arrived, Jeremy eventually send his nephew to meet them outside. “My family’s standing back, and he’s really coming off as a d–k,” Jason claimed. “He was real cold to them. It was like, ‘Bow down.’”

When Amber’s mother’s friend attempted to shake Jeremy’s hand, he reportedly inquired, “Who the f–k are you?” After observing that the actor from “The Hurt Locker” was heavily intoxicated and behaving rudely, the family opted to leave. However, Jeremy’s nephew intercepted them, suggesting that tensions would dissipate if they offered an apology.

Recalling the alleged incident, Jason mentioned, “My mom was like, ‘Apologize? You want us to apologize? Seriously?’ “He’s treated him like s–t, called them f–king idiots, then expects them to apologize like they’re the ones in the wrong, because he’s King Renner and you’re supposed to bow down to him.”

Amber’s younger brother, Dillon Overholt, also confirmed to the media that she was romantically involved with Jeremy and mentioned being present during some of their video conversations. Despite these family claims about Jeremy’s behavior, Amber has not publicly addressed the allegations.

Amber Was Previously Married

Amber Monson was previously married to the father of her child, although she has not disclosed his name. There are, however, a few photos of him on her Instagram account. In January 2024, Amber shared a collage featuring her ex-husband and their son, referring to them as “My family, the Monson boys.”

In a post on December 23, 2023, she reminisced about marrying a Bounty Hunter/Officer of the Law, with a wedding picture and the caption, “Reminiscing. Leave it to me to have married a Bounty Hunter/ Officer of the Law 🤷🏻‍♀️ Catch me if you can Darling 😏🥰 🏎️💨#OppositesAttract #untamable 🐎.”

A few days later, Amber posted a wedding picture with the caption, “My wedding day with Baby Daddy.”

In her profile, she proudly identifies herself as the mother of an amazing son, although she doesn’t disclose his name. In June 2020, she shared a photo of her school-age son with his new hair color, mentioning, “Teal highlights and a gentlemen’s cut for my little stud muffin.”

Her son is shared with her estranged spouse, who is granted custody of the youngster, according to her relatives, as reported by The Daily Mail.

According to court papers that In Touch was able to access, she was evicted in 2018 and filed for divorce from her spouse in 2020.