Who Is Biggie From Baddies East?

Baddies West, a series on The Zeus Network, premiered with full force, and among its cast, Biggie stood out, grabbing the attention of fans.

Biggie, a member of Baddies West, has delved into the entertainment world, making strides across various career paths.

She’s featured on the show alongside Stunna Girl, Lo London, Tommie Lee, and more. Further details about her are available below.

Biggie Real Name Revealed

Damerlin Baez, known as Biggie Baddies West, adopted the moniker “Biggie” during the reality show auditions, and it became her popularized name. Born on September 12, 1996, in Rhode Island, she hails originally from Santo Domingo, but details about her parents are undisclosed.

Her childhood primarily unfolded in her hometown in the Dominican Republic. After completing her education at Hope High School, Biggie pursued her college studies at the Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI) upon relocating to Rhode Island.

Is Biggie Transgender?

Because of her strong voice and masculine appearance, there are assumptions that Biggie might be transgender. During an Instagram live session some months ago, one of her fans asked about her gender, but she didn’t respond.

However, it’s important to clarify that Biggie Baddies West is neither a man nor transgender. Pictures of Damerlin Baez from her younger years depict her as a woman, and she has faced discrimination because of her appearance.

Similar to Natalie, Tommy, and Stunna Girl, Biggie gained significant attention for her role in Baddies West, impressing judges and producers, which elevated her to become one of the main stars of the show.

Who Is Biggie Dating?

Biggie, the reality TV personality, hasn’t disclosed her present relationship status. While she’s notably active on social media, particularly Instagram, none of her posts hint at any romantic involvement. It’s quite probable that she’s currently unattached or single.

Biggie Career Revealed

Biggie, a prominent figure from Baddies West, stands as a reality TV star, model, influencer, and host. With a profound passion for fashion and modeling, she regularly shares snapshots flaunting trendy attire on her Instagram feed.

Her social media influence continues to burgeon across various platforms, notably boasting approximately 450,000 followers on Instagram alone. Utilizing this platform, she endorses several brands like FashionNova, Victoria’s Jewelry, Bellazon Hair, and Backpack Boyz while sharing glimpses into her lifestyle.

Biggie skyrocketed to fame when she was introduced as one of the participants in the third season of the reality TV series Baddies West. This show chronicles the journeys of eleven “bad girls” as they perform and host events along the West Coast of the United States. Notably, Biggie made it through to the show’s conclusion, garnering significant attention.

Later, Biggie became part of the cast for Baddies East, joining other notable members like Sukihana, Chrisean Rock, Natalie Nunn, and Scarface.