Baddies East Scarface Beef With Biggie

In the latest Baddies East episode, Surface seized Biggie’s belongings in an effort to evict her from the house, sparking a confrontation between them.

Biggie mentioned that her bag was worth a considerable $800, and she wasn’t willing to stand by as Scarface interfered with it. With no action taken to resolve the situation, Biggie resorted to physical confrontation, attempting to charge at Scarface. Fortunately, several security guards intervened to prevent the situation from escalating further. Nonetheless, it seems she managed to land at least one blow.

While some like Mariahlynn appreciate Biggie standing up for herself, others like Natalie Nunn feel she went too far. Nunn, positioned on a staircase amidst the chaos, declared that the situation was over. She reiterated that eviction notices had been given, showing frustration with the ongoing conflict. Earlier this month, she expressed her exhaustion at being a mediator in these situations, and it seems she’s standing by that sentiment.

Who Is Surface?

Baddies East star known as Scarface, whose real name is Etheria Ruffin, grew up in Texas and California. During an interview with Gina Views, she opened up about her tumultuous upbringing, primarily raised by her great-aunt and grandmother.

Completing high school in California, Scarface had a history of engaging in conflicts but found solace in sports, particularly basketball and track.

Initially eyeing Texas A&M for higher education, Scarface eventually relocated to California to attend UC Irvine.

What Is Surface’s Relationship Status?

Scarface from Baddies East maintains a high level of privacy concerning her romantic relationships, although she seems to have a connection with her baby’s father. During a recent interview with YouTuber Gina Views, she didn’t divulge much about her current relationship but mentioned that he takes care of her and their son.

Becoming pregnant during high school and facing her mother’s opposition to keeping the baby, Scarface moved in with her baby’s father’s family. However, she encountered issues with his mother. Eventually, she parted ways with her baby’s father after he began dating someone who left a scar on her face during a physical altercation, leading to her moniker “Scarface”. Her baby’s father resides in Ohio, and their communication has lessened over time.

Reflecting on him, Scarface expressed that he once aspired to surpass her but now acknowledges that her success has exceeded his. Despite their history, she speaks fondly of him, mentioning that he taught her valuable life lessons.

Moreover, you can find more about Scarface on her IG account under the username scarface_bih.