Who is Tracey from The Traitors season 2?

The latest season of The Traitors returns with unprecedented surprises and intricacies.

In this new installment, 22 unfamiliar individuals gather in the Scottish Highlands, embarking on a series of challenges and elaborate missions, all striving for a chance to secure a transformative prize fund.

Tracey is among the numerous personalities joining the cast of The Traitors season 2, entering the castle for the series.

Who Is Tracey?

Tracey, a sonographer and clairvoyant residing in Inverness, Scotland, had prior experience serving in the Royal Air Force.

Expressing her immense admiration for the initial season of The Traitors, Tracey regarded it as one of the best game shows she had seen in a long time.

Ahead of her appearance on the show, she mentioned,

“Every day after I watched the series, I kept checking when I could apply for series two.

“I just knew I wanted to be on it and it just hit something with me, I thought, ‘I want to be on this.’

“It was mainly the psychology of it and meeting people that you don’t normally meet in your normal life.”

Tracey also said: “I do have quite a strong extrovert personality and I am a little bit loud. I’ve always been told off for being too loud in life. So, I think I think I’ll be quite eccentric, some of my views and the things that I’ve done in life are quite eccentric. I’m very spiritual as well as working for the health service. So, I’m a bit of a weird combination.”

Is Tracey A Traitor?

As expected, there are a couple of Traitors in the group to add intrigue. It appears that Tracey leans towards being one of the Faithful participants… but she’s open to taking on the Traitor role if the opportunity arises!

Moreover, Claudia Winkleman made her selections for the initial three Traitors (Ash, Paul, and Harry) in the debut episode of the show’s second series on BBC.

In a tense sequence, the host was observed signaling her choices by tapping the individuals on their shoulders at the circular table while the contestants wore blindfolds.

Tracey didn’t receive a tap on the shoulder, signifying her role as a Faithful participant in the game.

when she was asked about how she would feel being a traitor she said,

“I think I’ll be terrified, just terrified”, she said of potentially being made a Traitor. “Although you’ve got to go with whatever opportunity life gives you. If I’m going to be a Traitor, then I will embrace it 100%. You’re going to get close to people really quickly. I used to go on detachment with people in the military, and they’d be like your best friend for two whole weeks, you couldn’t possibly ever live without them and then when you get home, you never contact each other again.”