Insight The Traitors season 2 contestant Charlie Bees

The second season of The Traitors UK has commenced with a powerful start, prompting questions about which contestants might endure and who might face expulsion after just three episodes. Despite airing only three episodes so far, The Traitors UK season 2 has captivated viewers, drawing them in with its compelling gameplay.

The Traitors has assembled a collection of 22 individuals who will collectively strive to secure a substantial prize pot worth as much as £120,000.

Within the group of 22 strangers, there’s 34-year-old Charlie, who might not excel at maintaining a poker face but prides herself on detecting dishonesty. Want to learn more about Charlie? Here’s a comprehensive guide to The Traitors season 2 contestant.

Charlie On The Traitors

Despite her limited screen time on The Traitors UK season 2, Charlie Bees has been earnestly embodying her role as a Faithful participant. Throughout the show, her focus has been on fulfilling missions and nurturing connections.

However, her portrayal has been minimal, leaving viewers with little insight into her role as a Faithful. Given this minor exposure, it’s improbable that she would face banishment from the game in the near future.

Who Is Charlie Bees?

Charlie Bees, as indicated in her profile, is 34 years old, reportedly born in 1989 according to The Traitors fandom. She maintains a private stance regarding her family life, evident from her limited posts on Facebook and a private Instagram account.

On the show, Charlie Bees shared that she holds a position as a Mental Health Area Manager. Her LinkedIn profile indicates her role as an area manager at Starlight Healthcare.

Is Charlie Married?

Charlie Bees and her fiancé, Greg Alexander, got engaged on December 28, 2013, and have enjoyed a joyful engagement for the past decade.

Their relationship began in September 2012, and Greg disclosed this during a conversation. Charlie expressed her excitement about their upcoming marriage to the BBC, saying,

“I’m going to get married. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 11 years and we’ve been engaged for nine, so I think it’s about time that we actually got married! I also want to do stuff to my house. I own my own house but would love to do some home improvements, and maybe even go on a holiday. I mean, why stop there? I could keep going!”

Greg, a Bristol native, works as a Trade-Decorater at Ian Williams and has been involved in organizing Soulicious Bristol Soul & RnB Events. He also pursues DJing under the name Cecil-G.