Who is Divinity Maxwell? | Sister of Fetty Wap

Divinity Maxwell, the sister of Fetty Wap, the renowned American rapper known for his breakout 2015 hit “Trap Queen,” gained attention in the media due to her protective nature towards her brother.

Her sudden visibility sparked curiosity, leading many to seek further information about her. Read on for more insights into Divinity Maxwell, the sibling of Fetty Wap.

Divinity Maxwell Is New Jersey Native & Cosmetologist

Divinity Maxwell, a New Jersey native, was born in the United States to her parents. However, her precise date of birth remains undisclosed as she prefers a private lifestyle, keeping details about her personal life under wraps. She belongs to African-American heritage and holds American citizenship.

Details about Divinity’s parents, including their names, professions, or religious affiliation, are not available. She isn’t an only child; Divinity grew up alongside siblings, including Willie Junior Maxwell (known as Fetty Wap), Yazzming Ingenious Lee, and Rob McCoy Maxwell.

Regarding her education, Divinity Maxwell is well-educated. She completed her primary and high school education and graduated from the Passaic County Institute. However, specific details about her academic qualifications or certificates obtained during her schooling are not publicly known.

Furthermore, Divinity is a certified cosmetologist, specializing in personalized care services such as hair, skin, and nail care. Her expertise primarily lies in hairstyling, where she holds considerable experience and specializes in hair treatment and styling.

Presently, Divinity is employed at WoWigs Hair, a reputable company specializing in virgin hair, serving clients for more than 23 years. Additionally, she offers hair cleaning, cutting, and styling services for clients at her residence. Divinity frequently shares images and videos showcasing her hairstyling work on her Instagram page.

Divinity’s Relationship Status Revealed

Apart from her role as a sibling to a celebrity and her career in cosmetology, Divinity Maxwell also embraces the roles of a wife and mother. She is married to her longtime partner, Quashaun Lloyd, a fellow native of Peterson, New Jersey.

The details of their initial meeting, the duration of their courtship, engagement, and their wedding date are not publicized or available in media records.

However, Divinity Maxwell and her spouse are happily married and have been blessed with four children, among whom are twin girls. On her Instagram account, she frequently shares images of her husband and children, showcasing their close-knit bond. Through the captions accompanying these photos, it’s evident that the family shares a strong connection and that Divinity and her husband have a deep love for each other.

Divinity’s Feud With Fetty Wap’s Baby Mama

The well-known rapper and singer, Fetty Wap, stays quiet in the face of his ex-partners’ criticism on Social Media. However, his supportive sister, Divinity, always steps in to back him up, especially during conflicts with them.

In 2015, Fetty Wap’s former partner, Lezhae Zeona, accused him of lavishing gifts on his new girlfriend instead of prioritizing their daughter together, Zaviera Maxwell. She was adamant that Fetty had bought expensive items, such as a Benz, for his new flame, while only purchasing a $100 walker for their daughter.

Divinity swiftly intervened in defense of her brother, exposing Lezhae’s own mismanagement of funds meant for their daughter. She revealed that Lezhae had spent the money intended for their daughter on a new winter wardrobe instead. Additionally, Fetty Wap’s sister disclosed that Lezhae had initially planned to have an abortion when she found out she was pregnant with Fetty’s child.

In response, Lezhae countered by asserting that she had indeed used all the funds from Fetty for their daughter’s new clothes, accompanied by a photo of their baby in the new attire. This social media dispute unfolded for hours within a single Facebook post by Lezhae, although the post is no longer accessible.

Divinity’s Another Brother Revealed

Divinity and her well-known brother Fetty Wap (Willie Maxwell II) aren’t the only children in the family. Their mother of four has another son named Rob McCoy Maxwell. Rob works as an audio engineer, vocal producer, and arranger.

He’s also an accomplished singer and has collaborated on several tracks with his brother, Fetty Wap. Like his sister, Rob McCoy is in the public eye due to his connection with their famous brother, Willie Maxwell (Fetty Wap).

While music appears to be a dominant interest within the Maxwell family, it seems Divinity didn’t inherit those musical talents. Rather than pursuing singing, Divinity Maxwell has established herself as a successful cosmetologist.