Why Steven Yeun Quit Marvel’s Thunderbolts?

It seems that Stephen Yun has reportedly withdrawn from Marvel Studios’ upcoming MCU film, Thunderbolts. The news comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which does not explicitly state the reason behind the actor’s departure from his suspected role as Century. Interestingly, Yun was never officially confirmed by Marvel for the movie; it was mostly based on rumors and somewhat confirmed by external sources, including Robert Kirkman, known for creating The Walking Dead and Invincible. Yun and Kirkman have a long history, dating back to Yun’s portrayal of Glenn in The Walking Dead and his current role as the titular character in Invincible.

While there’s no definite answer as to why he may have exited the Thunderbolts movie, the production faced a delay due to last year’s actors’ and writers’ strike, causing a hiatus in Hollywood. Marvel Studios never confirmed Yun’s involvement, so this departure might not be official. It’s possible Marvel intended the role of Century to be a surprise, similar to Harry Styles’s role in Eternals. Now that this information is public, Marvel might opt to recast the role. We’ll have to wait and see how things unfold when Thunderbolts hits theaters on July 25th next year.

Moving on to an unexpected story—now that Steamboat Willie has entered the public domain, the entertainment and gaming industries are exploring ways to twist the beloved childhood icon, Mickey Mouse. The producers behind the horror film Terrifier 2 are teaming up with director Steven Lamort, known for the 2022 Grinch horror adaptation. In a press release, Lamort mentioned, “Steamboat Willie has brought joy for generations, but there’s potential for pure terror beneath that cheerful facade.” Disney is vigilant and stated they would protect their rights against any unauthorized uses of Mickey Mouse and their iconic characters.

Shifting gears, Adam Driver seems to be done with Star Wars. On the Smartless podcast, he remarked, “They’re doing stuff, yeah, but not with me. I’m not doing it.” While his character in the franchise is deceased, it doesn’t rule out a potential return, considering the array of spectral characters in that distant galaxy. While Lucasfilm might proceed without Driver, if the offer is right, we might see Kylo Ren and his distinctive physique again.