Who is Sohrab Sam Sharma | Where is Sentraco-founder now?

Among the notable figures involved in the Centra Tech cryptocurrency case, Sam Sorby Sharma stands out due to his role as the organization’s co-founder.

Sam was instrumental in the company’s rise to prominence, although he faced severe legal repercussions compared to others involved. While not featured in the Netflix documentary “Bitconned,” Sam’s actions have stirred curiosity about his current whereabouts.

Sam & Ray Worked Together

Sam Sharma and Ray Trapani attended the same high school, but Ray wasn’t particularly fond of Sam. They reconnected when Ray joined forces with his friend Bert to establish Miami Exotics. Despite reservations, Ray agreed to bring Sam on board as an employee. Although Sam wasn’t prominently visible as the face of the company, he later proposed the idea of venturing into cryptocurrency.

Together, Sam and Ray launched Centra Tech, aiming to address the issue of using cryptocurrency in everyday transactions. They introduced Centra coins, and the concept of a Centra debit card garnered significant interest. However, the company’s shining facade masked a flawed business model. Despite attracting over $25 million in investments during a 2017 coin offering, Centra Tech’s legitimacy came under scrutiny.

Sam Sharma faced legal action from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for orchestrating a fraudulent coin offering that allegedly obtained nearly $32 million from investors. He pleaded guilty to various charges, including securities fraud, wire fraud, and mail fraud. Sam received an eight-year prison sentence, along with a supervised release, a fine, and forfeiture of $36 million. In contrast, Ray, having served time already, received a shorter sentence.

Where Is Sam Now?

As of now, Sam Sharma is incarcerated at the federal prison camp in Montgomery, Alabama. Despite not being directly featured in the Netflix documentary, his team denies the accusations against him and plans to tell Centra’s true story.

Some speculate that Sam might still possess the money gained from Centra Tech, kept away discreetly. There are suggestions that he might be in a relationship, as shared by Ray’s mother, Carrie.

What Is Sohrab’s Relationship Status?

When Sohrab Sam Sharma co-established Centra Tech, he was reportedly in a relationship with Brielle Farkas. It seems he might currently be in a relationship, information that Ray’s mother, Kerri, is also aware of.

Residing in Aventura, Florida, Sohrab faced conviction on March 4, 2021, for orchestrating illicit operations at Centra Tech. He received an eight-year prison term and three years of supervised release. Additionally, he was ordered to forfeit an extra $36,088,960 and pay a $20,000 fine as recompense for the losses incurred by his victims. However, records show that, as of now, none of the victims have received any form of compensation.