Who is Robert Farkas | Where is He Now?

It was around early 2017 when Robert, a native of Bay Harbor Islands, got introduced to the world of cryptocurrencies through his then-girlfriend’s brother, Sohrab Sam Sharma. Despite working as an exotic dancer at the time, the lure of being involved in the future of finance through innovative technology captivated him. This led him to become a co-founder of CCH alongside Sam and Raymond Ray Trapani, initially unaware that the product or service promoted by Sam didn’t actually exist.

“The concept of Centra Tech was the most exciting thing I’ve ever experienced in my life,” Robert candidly expressed in the aforementioned original. “Everyone wanted to be a part of it, even if you didn’t know much about crypto. You were like, ‘Wow, that’s really cool! You’ve created a debit card that connects magic internet money to the real world.'”

As the company evolved, Robert took on multiple roles within CCH, from Chief Financial Officer to Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer at different junctures. His primary responsibility was user interaction, and according to court records, he was responsible for keeping the public informed about various aspects related to Centra’s offerings, including the Sentra card, Sentra wallet, CBAY iIO, and the Currency Conversion Engine (CCE) module.

Moreover, he oversaw Centra’s online presence, and token listings on digital asset exchanges, and contributed to managing the company and editing promotional materials. However, despite their efforts, their envisioned services failed to materialize. Alongside Sam and Ray, Robert played a crucial role in the scheme that persuaded victims to invest substantial digital funds into their businesses, leading to personal gains amounting to over $32 million.

Subsequently, following the exposure by victims turned public accusers, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Department of Justice, and FBI arrested him on April 1st, 2023. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit securities fraud and wire fraud. His sentencing included serving 366 days in federal prison, three years under supervised release, forfeiture of nearly $350,000 in cash, and a Rolex watch purchased with fraud proceeds. However, he believes the sentencing disparity between him and Sam was unfair, considering Sam received eight years while Ray got time served for similar charges.

As for Robert’s current status, he likely finished serving his sentence in late 2021 after being sentenced on December 15, 2020. Presently, he is under supervision in Florida, maintaining a low profile and aiming to move forward from past events, striving to share his side of the story while focusing on more positive recent experiences.