Who Is Mychal Threets?

The librarian, aged 33 and hailing from California, has gained considerable popularity on TikTok and Instagram due to his positive and engaging approach to showcasing libraries.

Mychal Threets is recognized for his creative outfits, artistic body art, distinctive afro, and notably, for utilizing social media to demonstrate that libraries can be enjoyable for everyone. As per the New York Times, he serves as the supervising librarian at the Fairfield Civic Center Library in Solano County, California.

Mr. Threets has embraced this endeavor by posting videos showcasing what he refers to as “library joy” on TikTok, Instagram, and various other platforms. Through these posts, he narrates tales about the routine occurrences at the Fairfield Civic Center Library in Solano County, Northern California, where he holds the role of supervising librarian.

Threets’ social media videos have accumulated millions of views and hundreds of thousands of followers. Through his accounts, he shares personal anecdotes about his community library and its impact on daily lives.

Recently, on Friday, Threets posted a video on his Instagram account that has since gone viral, discussing the advantages of owning a library card. In the caption, he wrote, Did you know that you are supporting libraries SO much just by getting a library card? They’re amazing, you’re amazing! 🤩”


In the video lasting nearly two minutes, Threets highlighted the enjoyable and beneficial aspects that public libraries bring to local communities. He mentioned various perks, including borrowing books, exploring musical instruments, and accessing discounts for parks and museums. The 33-year-old emphasized that having a library card can benefit everyone.

Who Is Mychal Threets?

Mychal Threets originally hails from San Francisco, California, but currently resides in Fairfield, California. His father, named Arnold Threets, and mother, Tessa Banuelos-Threets, tied the knot in Hawaii in 1987.

In April 2022, on his father’s birthday, Mychal extended his wishes, saying, “Happy birthday, Dad! I love you ♥️.”

His father’s ethnicity is African-American. On Tessa’s birthday, the librarian greeted his mother, expressing,

“Happy birthday, mom! I love you! Her birthday falls on February 14th, while mine is on the 13th (my grandfather’s birthday was also on the 13th) 🎉 What a week! ☺️.”

Arnold served as a captain in the US Marines and concluded his service in 2018. Tessa holds multiple roles at Buckingham Collegiate Charter Academy, functioning as an Athletic Director, Wellness Coordinator, Teacher, Head Coach, and Tutoring Director. She completed her education at Notre Dame de Namur University and the University of Phoenix.

Mychal has a sibling named Jonathan, who celebrated his 32nd birthday in June 2023.