What happened to a popular content creator Hope Woodard?

Hope Woodard, an experienced content creator and strategist residing in Brooklyn, New York, has amassed a considerable audience on TikTok, gathering more than 27 million likes on her videos.

Additionally, she has directed her energy towards creating content for the dating platform Bumble. Drawing from her past experience as a Peace Corps volunteer, Woodard has passionately advocated for several causes, including climate change, utilizing her platform to spark discussions and raise awareness about these significant issues.

What Happened To Hope?

Hope Woodard, a well-known personality on TikTok recognized for her activism on social matters, has faced controversy after appearing in a recent Starbucks commercial.

Despite her usual focus on promoting positive societal shifts through her videos, her involvement in this collaboration has sparked intense debate and criticism among her followers.

Hope Woodard used her TikTok platform to talk about an upcoming video she created for Starbucks, a company currently experiencing a global boycott.

This boycott originated in November 2023 due to the Israel-Palestine conflict that started on October 7, 2023. It began after Starbucks Workers United, an SEIU-affiliated union, posted, and later deleted, a social media message expressing solidarity with Palestine during the conflict with Israel. The post allegedly stated, “Solidarity with Palestine!”

She explained saying,

“The night I sent in the content is the night I found out about the boycott.”

“I knew ethically it was not great, and I have to admit this, which is embarrassing, but I was not in the financial situation to say, ‘Hey, I don’t want to do this anymore’.”


Woodard’s clarification only fueled dissatisfaction among her audience, who anticipated a stronger stance from someone renowned for championing progressive ideals. Many were puzzled by her explanation, citing her previous claim of supporting the Starbucks boycott while publicly mentioning choosing Krispy Kreme over Starbucks during a recent airport trip. This prompted criticism, with some suggesting that she sought validation for what appeared to be a minor gesture.

While a portion of Woodard’s supporters empathized with her situation and praised her openness, a majority stressed the significance of upholding principles and being willing to make sacrifices to enact substantial change, especially in times of financial difficulty. This sentiment pushed Woodard to acknowledge the validity of their perspectives.