The Traitors contestant Mollie Pearce is dating Max Backwell

The reality show “The Traitors” returns with another season as a group travels to the Scottish Highlands to engage in a high-stakes game centered on deceit and allegiance, all competing for a prize of £120,000. The 22 participants will be divided into two groups: “The Traitors” and “The Faithfuls.” Each day, contestants from both teams will vote to eliminate one participant.

In the eagerly awaited second season of The Traitors, Mollie, a 21-year-old model residing in Bristol, is among the contestants vying for victory.

Mollie shows off her stoma bag

Before her Wednesday night appearance, Mollie confidently displayed her stoma bag. Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at the age of 11, she underwent surgery in 2020 to remove her colon, resulting in the necessity of using a stoma bag.

Mollie has disclosed that she was born with a limb variation affecting her right hand. She utilizes social media platforms to advocate for disability awareness and to promote acceptance of diverse abilities. In an October social media post, Mollie commemorated three years since getting her stoma bag. She shared a photo showing herself beside a pink “3” balloon, proudly displaying her stoma bag.

She wrote, “Happy 3-year stoma-versary Sid. Thanks for giving me my life back.”

She anticipates that her youthful appearance and an “innocent” demeanor might work to her advantage should she take on the role of a Traitor. As a healthcare assistant, she is confident in her ability to establish strong relationships while maintaining a sense of detachment, which she believes will serve her well in the game.

The show premiered on Wednesday, January 3, airing at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

Mollie Is Dating Max Backwell

Mollie Pearce is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend, Max Backwell. They have been together since at least 2021, making their debut as a couple on their respective social media accounts in September of that year.

In February 2022, Max expressed his pride in his girlfriend, sharing, “You’ve been absolutely smashing it this year, I couldn’t be more proud of you ❤ #kurtgeiger #bekind.”

During a family vacation to Greece in July 2022, Max joined Mollie and her parents. He captioned a photo from the trip, saying, “Island 8️⃣ Nice little catch up with the inlaws 😁.”

Mollie Hails From United Kingdom

Mollie Pearce from The Traitors has parents named Sally Pearce and Steve Pearce. Celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary in January 2024, they tied the knot in October 1995 and have had a happy marriage.

Mollie conveyed her love to her parents on their 25th wedding anniversary in October 2020, posting, “Happy 25th wedding anniversary to my beautiful parents 🥂 love you always xxxxx.”

Sally’s birthday falls in December, and Mollie celebrated it in December 2023 with a heartfelt message: “Happy birthday to my beautiful mum🫶🏻 love you so much Thank you for everything you do ❤️.”

In January 2023, on Steve’s birthday, Mollie expressed her wishes, saying, “Happiest of birthdays Steve Pearce 🫶🏻 love you to the moon and back 🤍.”

Sally expressed her pride in Mollie’s achievements, particularly when Mollie swam a mile, telling North Somerset Times, “I thought it was brilliant, I’m really proud of her. She was born without all her fingers on her right hand, but she doesn’t let it stop her from doing anything. She’s amazing.”

According to their Facebook profiles, Steve attended Nailsea School, while Sally went to Backwell School. Both of them are currently self-employed.