Is Felix Catton Portrayed By Jacob Elordi Gay in Saltburn?

Oliver Quick and Felix Kon’s relationship takes center stage in the gothic romance unfolding in Saltburn. The two boys come from vastly different backgrounds, making it almost impossible for Oliver, with his ordinary and unremarkable life, to fit into Felix’s world of privilege and luxury. However, after University, Felix, sympathizing with Oliver’s less fortunate circumstances, invites him to stay at his opulent estate, the Salin estate, for the summer. As they spend their days in this world of convenience and luxury, their relationship undergoes unexpected growth, not always for the better.

Their friendship, with an underlying hint of romance, is mostly one-sided, evident through Oliver’s longing looks and intrusive observations into Felix’s personal life. Oliver’s infatuation with Felix becomes apparent from the moment he laid eyes on him; Felix exudes an attractive energy that draws people towards him. However, despite his wealthy background, Felix displays a humble demeanor, sometimes appearing embarrassed by his family’s wealth but not willing to entirely disassociate himself from it.

While Felix is kind-hearted, he can also display moments of unintentional cruelty, revealing complexities in his character. Although he deeply cares for Oliver and tries to ensure his comfort and happiness, Felix’s affections are primarily rooted in sympathy for what he perceives as Oliver’s disadvantaged upbringing. However, as Oliver’s deceit surfaces, Felix’s platonic affection fades away, leaving their friendship strained and cold.

Despite the romantic tension portrayed through the film’s early montages, the relationship between Felix and Oliver never moves beyond a platonic stage. Despite Oliver’s obsessive actions towards Felix, including voyeuristic behavior and misguided attempts at intimacy, there is no reciprocated romance between the two characters. Ultimately, the film hints that Felix likely isn’t interested in a romantic relationship with Oliver, leading to a narrative where their friendship takes a downward spiral, devoid of any romantic connection.