“You Suck At Cooking” Will Make You Chuckle Rather Than Make You Hungry | Youtuber Real Face Reveal

Years ago, a specific style of culinary videos emerged during the Facebook era. While the ingredients varied, the recipe format remained consistent: an overhead camera angle, two anonymous hands, a pristine wooden surface with small colorful plates, a flawless chef, unremarkable background music, and a fast-forward option.

Within two minutes, you’re convinced to try making that souffle yourself.

However, the YouTube channel You Suck at Cooking stands in stark contrast to these polished recipe productions. Every element deliberately appears unrefined, from the dim lighting to the unattractive plates. Instead of high-definition visuals and studio lighting, the channel employs a single, shaky iPhone capturing an unapologetically messy kitchen counter.

Most notably, rather than upbeat but unnecessary music that fades quickly, a humorous and often irked voice takes the spotlight. This anonymous and nameless narrator prefers creating his own quirky songs, like the 90-second ode to bean dip, featuring lines such as:

“Bean dip, it’s not mean dip / Unless I punch you in the face with it then I’d call it mean dip / Throw it on the floor, you can’t call it clean dip / Put some bleach in it, you got a pristine dip.”

“You Suck At Cooking” Face Reveal?

Viewers won’t leave You Suck At Culinary’s YouTube cooking videos feeling famished, but they’ll undoubtedly be in stitches from laughter. Yet, the identity of the comedic genius and subpar chef remains a mystery.

The sole information available about the creator of You Suck At Cooking is that he is affiliated with Randi Siegel Entertainment. Additionally, this individual, who sports tattoos on his hands, has “I love YSAC” inked on his right hand, along with another spatula tattoo on the same side.

This person is a total mystery aside from these established details. Furthermore, across the hundreds of videos posted, they’ve never revealed their face.

A commenter once inquired,

“Does anyone else try looking into the reflections of his appliances to see his face.”

Although the YouTuber has kept their identity undisclosed, numerous fans on their subreddit advocate for them to continue excelling in their unique blend of quirky humor and cooking instruction. 

Addressing a query on the subreddit about revealing their face, another fan responded, suggesting that the creator of You Suck At Cooking likely values their privacy and finds satisfaction in the current situation.

‘You Suck At Cooking’ Guy’s Cookery In An Unconventional Style

If you stumbled upon the ‘You Suck at Cooking’ channel expecting a tutorial on seven ways to chop an onion but encountered this instead, you’d likely return for the humor. This type of satire is a rarity in cooking videos but would fit right in with the late-night Adult Swim lineup on Cartoon Network. It brings to mind equally cutting sitcoms such as BoJack Horseman.

The narration swiftly races ahead, filled with witty remarks and meandering tangents. One of my preferred moments is the story behind a tip involving using a tin can as a makeshift vegetable strainer.

With a deadpan tone, the narrator quips,

“It’s a little trick to drain a can of anything.”

“I learned from my friend Chris before he had a baby and ruined our friendship.”

Several of the dishes, like the “Break-Up Pasta,” serve as setups for elaborate jokes. The video opens with melancholic piano melodies and the sound of rain tapping against a windowpane, while the narrator mumbles along.

“break-up pasta is a way to end a relationship when you’re a giant coward like me.”

Through its parody of popular culinary videos, the channel has gathered a massive following of 1.6 million subscribers. This approach has proven successful previously, akin to how the Colbert Report’s satirical portrayal of a conservative news program earned multiple Emmys, or The Eric Andre Show’s surreal interpretation of late-night talk shows pushed the boundaries of the format to its utmost extremes.

Similar to other programs of its kind, the channel tends to embrace mistakes rather than edit them out. Consequently, these situations, like the bread burning in an egg sandwich video, transform into punchlines. In this context, a mistake is not considered a flaw but rather a deliberate inclusion, akin to the tech cliché of a “feature, not a bug.”

You Suck At Cooking’s Net Worth Revealed

Many might perceive his culinary videos as frivolous and uninteresting, but for those who appreciate humor, You Suck At Cooking’s content serves as the perfect antidote to the overly polished food content prevalent on social media platforms.

Given his widespread popularity, You Suck At Cooking likely earns a substantial income from his YouTube channel, contributing significantly to his net worth. Additionally, revenue is generated through sales of merchandise on his website, cookbook sales, and various brand endorsements. However, the enigmatic cook has kept details about his financial situation undisclosed.

According to socialblade.com, his estimated monthly earnings range between $854 and $13.7K, with yearly estimates varying between $10.2K and $163.9K, based on analytics from his YouTube channel.