Squid Game 018 Bee: Mastermind, ‘top IQ’ | Where is Bee now?

Within Netflix’s enthralling series, “Squid Game: The Challenge,” one participant, identified as Player 018, distinguishes herself through a compelling fusion of intellect and strategic gameplay. This contestant, Bee, a 28-year-old hailing from the UK, who works in the gaming industry in London, faced a challenging period around the age of nine. She experienced feelings of “isolation” and “depression,” causing her to behave differently compared to her peers.

Bee’s distinctive style in tackling challenges, marked by a combination of instinctual decisions and carefully calculated maneuvers, has garnered global attention among viewers.

At the age of 13, Bee joined Mensa, an association for highly intelligent individuals, possessing an IQ within the top 0.5% in the UK. Her parents frequently encouraged her to demonstrate her exceptional capabilities to others.

Nevertheless, as Bee matured, she began feeling that she hadn’t fully utilized her intelligence as efficiently as she could have. The test she underwent as a teenager is renowned for assessing an individual’s IQ.

So, who’s Bee on Squid Game The Challenge?

Who Is Bee & Her Real Name?

The true identity of Squid Game’s contestant #018 is Bianca Sarafian, known by her real name. 

Bee’s life prior to Squid Game: The Challenge illustrates someone consistently ahead of the curve. At 28, she has established herself in the fast-paced gaming industry, known for its demand for rapid thinking and strategic prowess. Her appearance on the show aligns seamlessly with her professional expertise, accustomed to tackling intricate situations and making swift, decisive choices.

Her professional trajectory includes roles such as Electronic Interface Executive at OTC Direct Ltd, Digital Manager at Customer Interface Executive and Alliance Healthcare from 2017 to 2018, Digital Champion at Walgreens Boots Alliance, and Marketing Manager at 11:FS.

Bee is an alumna of Nonsuch High School for Girls and Oxford Open Learning College. She obtained a BS degree in Economics with Business from Birkbeck Faculty of Business and Law. Additionally, she graduated from the University of Chichester in 2014, majoring in English Literature with Creative Writing.

Is Bee Engaged?

Bee’s Instagram isn’t flooded with posts, yet it reveals her passion for cosplay, K-pop, and anime. Her profile also exhibits a close bond with Player 019, Amanda Taylor, who shares a friendship with the social butterfly (Player 200). Interestingly, Dani (Player 134) singled out Amanda for elimination.

On Bee’s Instagram, it was evident she had been in a relationship for six years and engaged since 2017. She and her partner Tommy Miles Carey shared a passion for traveling and attending live performances by alternative bands.

However, recently, she shuffled her Instagram where she deleted pictures with her fiance.

Interestingly, Bee’s Twitter reveals her enthusiasm for stage performances. Surprisingly, she doesn’t showcase her gaming-related content on her social media platforms.