Meet Gold Rush Brennan Ruault Partner Wendy Keith

Originally a logger hailing from Invermere in British Columbia, Brannan became a part of Parker’s crew during season 6.

Mainly involved in operating excavators, Brennan is passionate about gold prospecting and considers the most satisfying aspect of his job to be the gold yields. He finds that these findings validate all the rigorous efforts put into the work. As per his bio on Discovery,

Predominantly working with excavators, Brennan has gold fever and finds the most rewarding part of the job to be the gold weighs. It makes him feel like all the hard work is worth it.”

Moreover, Brennan rarely discussed his partner, but dedicated fans who have been following him on social media since his debut on the show are aware of a significant woman in his life. After some investigation, here’s what we’ve uncovered about Wendy.

Wendy Keith & Brennan Ruault Relationship

Brennan Ruault from Gold Rush is in a committed relationship with Wendy Keith. They’ve been a couple for more than eight years, and their relationship was publicly acknowledged on May 24, 2015.

Brennan, on Valentine’s Day, wished Wendy,

“Happy Valentine’s Day babe have a great day see ya sometime this month or next lol Miss u Xoxoox Thanks for putting up with my super deadly self btw pistol and I love our maid (Jeeves) Wendy Keith. U deserve a medal .”

Wendy most recently posted a pic of her, Brennan, and at least one son Pistol in October 2023. “My boys,” her caption to the post read. In the comment section, Wendy addressed Brennan as her boyfriend.

On Facebook 2020, Brennan made a post mentioning Wendy as he wrote,

“Well young Man U drove the first machine I did at 5 years old. Rudy was a way better teacher to you than me haha. Thanks for the help buddy. Ps don’t over steer next time or u will be in the ditch, Wendy Keith.”

Later, in 2021, Wendy reposted the post with her caption,

“And today you’re still out there living the dream and logging haha.” In August 2021, Wendy quipped about their relationship and wrote on her Facebook, “I still haven’t changed my mind….I’ll keep him around Brennan Ruault.”

It’s probable that Wendy has two sons from her previous relationship. Her younger son, named Pistol, is currently 12 years old. Wendy is also active on her Facebook (@wendy.keith.338) and Instagram (@packinpistol).

Who is Brennan Ruault?

Brennan Ruault, a logger hailing from Invermere, British Columbia, was previously part of the Gold Rush series, featured on the Discovery Channel. The show chronicles the journeys of determined miners as they venture north in pursuit of gold. 

His main responsibility revolved around operating excavators, and Brennan held a profound love for gold mining. He found the most fulfilling part of the job to be the gold-weighing process, as it validated all the strenuous efforts.

Apart from his involvement in gold mining, Brennan indulges in a range of outdoor pursuits, including exercising, hunting, fishing, riding motorcycles, and snowmobiling. During the off-season, he intended to embark on a cross-country biking adventure with his friends. Brennan opts to maintain a low profile, preferring privacy in all aspects, including keeping his romantic relationships confidential.

Why Did Brennan Ruault Leave the Show?

Brennan Ruault, a well-known figure on Gold Rush, opted to depart from the show and Parker Schnabel’s team. He made this decision because he felt it was time for a change and a fresh beginning. Brennan cited fatigue from the conflicts and disagreements with Parker as the primary reason.

Their professional relationship had soured, with Brennan serving as a co-foreman, finding the continuous tension and strain emotionally exhausting. During a season premiere, Brennan reflected on a specific argument with Parker and recognized that their relationship was unlikely to improve. He expressed a wish to return to the Yukon with a new crew, new perspectives, and a different approach to mining.

Brennan’s choice allowed him to refocus on operating heavy machinery, handling soil, and rediscovering the joy of mining. Despite concerns from some fans, Brennan remained resolute in his decision to start anew and pursue gold in a different setting.